Creamery of the Crop

Local Partner Spotlight: Cowgirl Creamery

By sheer good fortune, West Marin and its nearby communities are in the heart of California’s epicurean “gold country.” Everything from artisan bread to organic dairy products is found here locally and is exported to gourmet establishments around the country.

One of the most coveted of our local culinary treasures is the nationally renowned Cowgirl Creamery. This beloved creamery made a name for itself over two decades ago by creating handmade specialty aged cheeses, crème Fraiche, cottage cheese and Fromage blanc. Thanks to our unique climate, their Red Hawk cheese, with its red rind, cannot be replicated anywhere else on earth. In fact, so particular are they about their cheeses; the company hasn’t introduced a new cheese since 2011 (until now).

Here Comes Hop Along

This semi-firm pressed cheese has been painstakingly aged and refined for eight years, and now it’s finally being released. So excited are the gourmands of the cheese world that this announcement made headlines across San Francisco news outlets. Like its cheese sibling, Red Hawk, it has a washed rind, but rather than brine, Hop Along is washed with real French cider imported from France’s Brittany region.

Touring the Cowgirl Creamery

Don’t miss an opportunity to tour Cowgirl Creamery while staying at Olema House. We’d be happy to assist you with making a reservation for their Cheese 101 Class and tastings, which are available on Fridays.

There’s a bounty of sights and tastes to be discovered in this part of the country. Come and experience it all for yourself. Book your Olema House getaway here