Kayaking in Marin County: Discover Blue Waters Kayaking

Kayaking is an exceedingly enjoyable, relaxing experience, and it’s the perfect thing to do while it’s warm outside. Even if the temperature isn’t making you sweat, kayaking is a unique experience wherever you go! When you go kayaking in Marin County, you’ll be surrounded by natural beauty, brilliant colors, and gorgeous blue waters. This family-friendly activity may be the highlight of your trip when you visit Marin County, and we know the perfect kayaking company that will make this experience memorable: Blue Waters Kayaking. 

Blue Waters Kayaking

When you stay at Olema House, you’re just five minutes away from Blue Waters Kayaking. You can walk or make the short drive and have an absolute blast with your vacation crew! Experience a calm paddle through one of the best kayak tour agencies in the town of Olema when you kayak with Blue Waters Kayaking. You can take a tour if you’re interested in being guided through some of the most beautiful spots in Olema, otherwise, you can rent a kayak and explore on your own terms. 

Drakes Estero Tours

Half-day and full-day tours are available to paddle at Drakes Estero. Head out from the former Drakes Bay Oyster Co. and experience pure beauty in the mudflats and the eelgrass of the wilderness estuary. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of marine life, such as harbor seals, bay rays, leopard sharks, and many bird species. 

Bioluminescence & Evening Tours

Kayaking at night is a unique experience, especially when you’re visiting somewhere as beautiful as California. In Tomales Bay, you’ll see the production and emission of light by a living organism on this kayaking tour – a light show inspired by nature that all kayakers enjoy. Schools of fish in the bay create a phosphorescent trail that may look like a glowing cloud underneath the water. It’s safe to say that you will never forget this kayak tour underneath the soft glow of the moon!

Tomales Bay Wetlands Tour

Enjoy the gorgeous wetlands of Tomales Bay – this tour is perfect for kayakers of all skill levels, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned paddler. You’ll stop at the beach for a short hike along the way, giving you picturesque views of the wetlands as well as the bay. Observe non-native grasses, pickleweed, and marsh plants, as well as plenty of birds on this ever-changing landscape.

The Finest Hotels in Olema, California: Olema House

Olema House is a rustic and beautiful hotel that visitors never want to leave! We have everything you’ll need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Just an hour north of San Francisco, you’ll find our intimate and tranquil atmosphere the perfect escape as well as the perfect place to explore. Our beautiful guest rooms are ready to host you, your family, and your friends, as soon as you give us a call at 415-663-9000.