Kayaking in Point Reyes, California

Point Reyes, California, is a dreamy vacation destination, especially if you stay at Olema House. You’ll enjoy the beautiful California coastline and the many breathtaking state parks spread throughout the town. A coastal California vacation wouldn’t be complete without spending time out on the Pacific, which is why kayaking in Point Reyes should be on your to-do list! There are so many stunning kayaking tours offered in Point Reyes so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of California’s coast. Make time to spend a peaceful afternoon out on the ocean with your family or friends, where all of you can admire the nature and marine and birdlife while kayaking in Point Reyes.

The 3 Most Unforgettable Kayaking Tours in Point Reyes

There are many beautiful bays along the coast of Point Reyes, which creates the perfect setting for an afternoon paddle, where you’ll get some great exercise and create wonderful memories! Below are some of the most unique and unforgettable kayaking tours in Point Reyes. To book the tours below and reserve your spot, call Blue Waters Kayaking at 415-669-2600.

Giacomini Wetlands Paddle

On this tour, you’ll paddle through the channels at the southern end of Tomales Bay and into the heart of the Tomales Bay Preserve. On this kayak tour, you’ll see plenty of waterfowl, hawks, raptors, egrets, herons, and maybe even a few otters! The Giacomini Wetlands have been changing from pasture fields back to wetlands, and non-native grasses are being replaced, helping the native marsh plants return. If you love nature, then the Giacomini Wetlands Paddle is the perfect tour for you. Tours begin at 10 a.m. or 4 p.m. and are $79 per person. 

Full Moon Paddle

If you’re a night owl, or if you’re curious to see what the beautiful Tomales Bay looks like at night, the full moon paddle will be a blast. Osprey and pelicans are out and about for their last catch of the day, seals head towards the beach for shelter, and the Tomales Bay fades into a peaceful state. The moon illuminates the bay, and you’ll have a fantastic view of the stars. On cloudy evenings, when you can’t see the stars as well, the bioluminescence in the bay will steal the show. This tour can last anywhere from three to four hours.

Drake’s Estero Tour

This tour will take you to Drake’s Estero, one of the most stunning places to paddle on the California coast. You’ll see plenty of marine and birdlife while you paddle, like harbor seals, bat rays, leopard sharks, osprey, white pelicans, hawks, and so much more. You’ll have a wonderful time gliding through the mudflats and eelgrass and soaking up the beauty of California’s coast. You can sign up for the half-day tour for four hours of paddling, or the full-day tour for six hours.

Paddle Back to Olema House

After your afternoon of kayaking in Point Reyes, you’ll want to come back to Olema House to relax. Our cozy rooms and cottages are all individually designed, providing all of our guests a range of accommodation options. You’ll love our eclectic and modern aesthetic, as well as our tasteful dining options. Everything you’ll need for your California dream vacation is right here! Book a room easily online, or call us at 415-663-9000.