A Culinary Voyage in Olema, CA | Point Reyes Restaurants and Markets

Olema is a small town in Northern California located near Point Reyes on a well-traveled coastal highway. There is so much to discover here, from the vast expanses of beaches to over 1,500 species of plants and animals, not to mention some excellent accommodation options. If you plan to explore Point Reyes, lodging in Olema is a must. Above all, you should try the area’s delicious cuisines, including the world-class Point Reyes restaurants and markets that are guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling.

Dine at the Due West Tavern

To fine-dine some of Olema’s culinary delights, the Due West Tavern serves up fresh West Marin fare and makes a perfect stop-off on the coastal highway. Try locally-sourced food and drinks from this cozy tavern for the ultimate experience at one of the only Point Reyes restaurants—from signature craft cocktails to plentiful food from local ranches and fresh fish from the surrounding coast. The Due West Tavern is suitable for dining in all weathers with its indoor and outdoor seating areas overlooking the pristine Olema House Gardens

Visit Due West Market

The Due West Market is the best place to buy some locally-sourced goodies to takeaway. Why not collect all the ingredients you need for a fresh, mouth-watering picnic? Due West Market serves up prepared salads, sandwiches, and snacks, as well as regional juices, wines, and spirits. In a hurry? Pick up a freshly-baked pastry or a coffee-to-go to keep you going on the journey ahead. There is also plenty of souvenirs to pick up, so you can remember Point Reyes forever. If you are staying next door at Olema House, Due West Market is a one-stop-shop, open every day for everything you need for the perfect trip. 

Book Your Stay Today

Why not enjoy the finest Point Reyes restaurants and markets for a few days longer by booking a room at Olema House? You will be adjacent to both the Due West Market and Due West Tavern. Olema House is the perfect place to base yourself to explore Marin County and its ample national parks, attractions, and vast beaches, as well as being just one hour north of San Francisco. Olema House features 22 guest rooms with various room types to choose from and two cottages, surrounded by four acres of gardens and views of Olema Creek. To book your stay, call 415-663-9000 or view online here.