Discover the Birds of Marin County on a Birdwatching Adventure

On the outskirts of Point Reyes National Seashore sits Olema House. Our Marin County hotel is perfect for those looking to escape from everyday life on a tranquil getaway. Spend a day soaking in the sunshine at a nearby beach or exploring the waters kayaking. If hitting Point Reyes hiking trails is on your itinerary, keep your eyes peeled for the birds of Marin County by birdwatching on your hike. 

The Best Places to Go Bird Watching near Point Reyes

A photo of someone looking for the various birds of Marin County.

Start your bird watching adventure right at Olema House. Our backyard and gardens, which overlook the Inverness Ridge, are prime birdwatching spots. The front desk does have binoculars for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. 

If you want to switch it up, make the quick trip to Point Reyes National Seashore. With more than 70,000 acres of habitat means there is plenty of areas to explore on your birding adventure. There are nearly 490 bird species that can be seen in the park and nearby waters. While the entire park is known for high chances of seeing birds, some places come out on top, like:

  • Bear Valley
  • Giacomini Wetlands
  • Limantour
  • Bolinas Lagoon
  • Five Brooks Pond
  • Abbotts Lagoon
  • Estero Trail

Tips for a Successful Bird Watching Expedition

Whether you are birding at Olema House or Point Reyes National Seashore, there are some tips and tricks for not only seeing birds but identifying them. While out birding, be as quiet as possible and avoid any sudden movements that might startle the birds away. You’ll also want to avoid wearing bright-colored clothes like white that’ll make you stand out from the natural environment around you.

When you spot a bird, examining its behavior, habitat, shape, and size are just a few things that’ll help you identify it

Escape to Nature with a California Getaway

When you stay at Olema House, you’ll be able to unwind and relax while being surrounded by stunning California nature. Grab everything you need for a picnic lunch while out birding from Due West Market. Our West Marin hotel is made up of two cottages and 22 rooms on four acres of private land waiting for you to explore. Enjoy radiant heat-warmed floors and cozy down comforters. To learn about our hotel or any special offers, call 415-663-9000.