What to Do in Point Reyes during the Ultimate Winter Vacation

For several parts of the country, winter means fridge temperatures and snow-covered landscapes. However, winter in northern California means temperatures that are still in the 60s. If you’re looking for a winter vacation that doesn’t require heavy layers and snow boots, book your stay at Olema House. Located in Olema, this northern California hotel is the perfect home base for your getaway. When creating your itinerary of what to do in Point Reyes and surrounding towns, you’ll soon discover there’s plenty of fun things to do within a short drive.

How to Plan the Perfect Winter Vacation in Northern California

Whether you’re planning your next family vacation or are hoping for a romantic getaway, there’s plenty to check out and enjoy when you stay at this hotel near Point Reyes. Putting the time in to plan out your trip before you arrive can eliminate some stress and potential complications.

Research Area Activities and Attractions

One of the best parts of a vacation is checking out the sights and activities of a new destination. Take the time to look into what activities or attractions you are most interested in ahead of time. By doing this, you will know important information like hours of operation, if there are fees, or if reservations are needed. Some popular activities and attractions include:

Organize Your List of Activities

Thanks to mild temperatures, you’ll be able to spend plenty of time outdoors, even when visiting during the winter months. With so many outdoor activities to enjoy, it can be helpful to organize your activities based on proximity to each other. This can help you maximize your time by removing time that might have been spent driving back and forth.

Leave Time to Relax

While there’s plenty to explore throughout Point Reyes and the surrounding areas, be sure to leave time to simply relax. Olema House is set on four acres of private lawns and gardens, perfect for exploring. Stop by Due West Market to grab everything you need for a picnic lunch in the garden. Just be sure to bring another blanket to curl up with. Your cozy accommodation is another excellent spot to enjoy a little bit of tranquility during your stay.

Book Your Winter Getaway at Olema House

Be close to it all when you book your stay at Olema House. Close to some of the top attractions and activities, you won’t have any issues figuring out what to do during your stay in Point Reyes. After a day of exploration, escape to your luxurious room. To learn more about our accommodation options or special offers, call 415-663-9000.